Courses PhD Program in Dentistry

Offered subjects

Required Subjects for specialization in Periodontics, Dentistry, and Implantology

Experimental Methods for Clinical and Laboratory Trials

Applied Dental Research

Seminars: Evidence-based Dentistry II

Advanced Data Analysis

Teaching Internship II

Required Subjects in the Field of Periodontics

Etiopathogenesis of Periodontal Infection

Philosophy of Periodontal Therapy II

Required Subjects in the Field of Dentistry

Dental Biomaterials II

Physical and Mechanical Trials in Dentistry

Required Subjects in the Field of Implantology

Dental Biomaterials II

Regenerative Peri-implant Therapy

Elective Subjects

Applied Molecular Biology


Tooth Bleaching

Distance Learning – EAD

Health Services Management



Periodontics and Other Specializations

All of the required subjects for the MSc are electives for the PhD.