Courses PhD Program in Dentistry

Research Areas

Areas of Specialization


Diagnosis of periodontal infections.

Objectives: To define etiological agents that are the basis of various forms of periodontal disease. To relate the clinical parameters of periodontal disease to the microbial profile of individuals. To facilitate the development of periodontal therapies.

Periodontics and systemic conditions.

Objectives: To evaluate the influence of systemic changes on the clinical, micro-, and immunological periodontal profile of individuals. Conversely, to evaluate the impact of periodontal diseases on the course of systemic diseases. To define possible risk groups and establish forms of diagnosis and treatment.

Periodontal therapies.

Objectives: To define the applications and limitations of various periodontal therapies with the use of clinical, microbiological, and immunological studies. To help establish definitive and more specific forms of treatment.

Restorative Dentistry

Biomaterials associated with restorative and esthetic techniques.

Objective: To evaluate the physical and mechanical properties of different dental biomaterials through clinical and laboratory studies. To compare the methods currently available for testing biomaterials.


Diagnosis and peri-implant therapy.

Objective: To evaluate local and systemic factors that influence the osseointegration process and the longevity of implant-supported restorations. To define risk factors and alternative therapies for the prevention and treatment of peri-implant disease.

Biomaterials applied to implantology.

Objective: To evaluate the physical, chemical, and biological properties of various biomaterials related to implantology and guided bone regeneration.