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Postgraduate Program in Dentistry receives note 6 from CAPES



      The University UNIVERITAS / UNG is the private institution of higher education that has the best Graduate Program in Dentistry in Brazil. The sixth grade (6) attributed by the Coordination of Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) in the quadrennial evaluation 2012-2016 placed the master's and doctorate at the top of the national ranking in the areas of periodontics, implantology and dentistry. According to the opinion, the Dentistry Program, which includes master's and doctoral courses, obtained a maximum concept in the five items evaluated: Program Proposal; Faculty; Student Body, Theses and Dissertations; Intellectual Production; and Social Insertion. "Achieving the maximum concept in all items is a recognition of the expressive maturation of our program in the last four years. UNIVERITAS / UNG is the only private university in Brazil to achieve a course of excellence in dentistry ", points out the coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Dentistry, Dr. Magda Feres. Of the more than 4 thousand stricto sensu programs in Brazil , 13% have maximum marks: 6 or 7, and only 5 of these programs of excellence belong to private (non-denominational / community) HEIs: "including ours." According to the UNIVERITAS / UNG University rector, Eloi Lago, "The result is the result of ongoing planning and research support, and especially of an academic community that has committed itself and synchronized its efforts to do the best," he explains. CAPES is the body of the Ministry of Education responsible for the recognition and evaluation of post-graduation courses (professional master's, master's and national level.


Excellence in Dentistry
        The studies carried out at UNIVERITAS / UNG University have contributed to the treatment of periodontitis and other oral problems worldwide. Research has received constant financial support from national development agencies (FAPESP, CAPES and CNPq) and international (National Institutes of Health, NIH, USA). "Internationalization, an indispensable criterion for stricto sensu programs of excellence, is also an important differential of our Program", emphasizes Magda. In the last 4 years, professors of the Masters and Doctorate in Dentistry have been invited to present the results of their research in more than 40 congresses held in Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Egypt, Germany, Belgium, Russia , Italy, Greece and the United States. In 2015, researchers from UNIVERITAS / UNG, USP and Colgate Palmolive (Piscataway, USA) teamed up to form an unpublished project called the Latin America Oral Health Association (LAOHA), headquartered at the University. LAOHA aims to stimulate the scientific development of dentistry and the improvement of oral health in Latin America through the granting of scholarships for students from other countries in Latin America and North / Northeast Regions of Brazil to obtain a PhD in Teaching Institutions Brazilian, as well as a reserve fund for these students to travel and present the results of their studies in the most important dental congresses. In addition, the Association covers other activities, such as the organization of international events and multicenter studies, involving UNIVERITAS / UNG, USP and other Latin American Teaching and Research Institutions.