Courses Master’s Program in Dentistry

Current Research Projects

Research Group in Periodontics

Clinical and Microbiological Evaluations of Different Antimicrobials on the Treatment of Periodontal Disease.

Clinical, Microbiological, and Immunological Character of People in the Brazilian Population with Aggressive and Chronic Periodontitis.

The Clinical, Microbiological, and Immunological Effect of Different Antimicrobials on the Treatment of Chronic Periodontal Disease in Smokers.

The Effect of Different Factors on Bone Repair and the Progression of Periodontal Disease.

Microbiota of Oral Surfaces.

Periodontitis and Diabetes Mellitus.

Plastic and Regenerative Therapy.

Research Group in Implantology

The Effects of Different Systemic and Local Factors on Bone Repair and Progression of Peri-implant Disease.

The Influence of Different Biomaterials on Peri-implant Tissues.

The Influence of Different Microstructures for Osseointegrated Implants on Peri-implant Tissues.

The Clinical, Microbiological, and Immunological Profiles of Peri-implant Disease

Before and After Different Types of Anti-Infectious Therapy.

Peri-implant Regeneration.

Research Group in Dentistry

Evaluation of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Restoration Materials.

The Effect of Bleaching Techniques on Dental Tissues and Restorative Materials.

The Influence of Techniques to Activate the Polymerization of Resin Cements.

Prevention of Dental Caries Disease.

Adhesion of Restoration Materials to Enamel, Dentin, and Other Restoration Materials.

Current Outreach Projects

Afternoon Learning – The objective of this project is to improve the knowledge base of elementary and middle school teachers and to present some of the methods that are used at the university and in research so that the teachers can apply them in the classroom.

The Happy Toothbrush – This project provides guidance regarding oral hygiene to students at participating schools. To date, activities are planned at the EE Roberto Alves and EE Jardim Santa Cecília schools, both of which are in the city of Guarulhos, SP.