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  • 11 Junho, 2017 - 08:49

    short Bio Jamil Shibli

    Education and Professional ActivitiesProf. Shibli is Professor and Head of Oral Implantology, Department of Periodontology and Oral Implantology, Dental Research Division, Guarulhos University, SP, Brazil.Prof. Shibli received his PhD and Master degree in
  • 11 Junho, 2017 - 08:24

    Short bio Luciene Figueiredo

    Education and Professional ActivitiesDr. Figueiredo is a periodontist (Certificate and Masters degrees) and received her PhD degree (2000) in Periodontology from the Araraquara School of Dentistry, São Paulo State University, Brazil. She is the Dean for Graduate
  • 7 Fevereiro, 2017 - 12:47 Eventos

    ODONTO-ORTO-Post livro CIOSP

    Prof. Dr. Murilo Feres (Orthodontics Master’s Program director), in association with his co-workers Danilo Duarte and Marcos Capez, participated in the launching of a book they had edited, during the 35th. São Paulo International Meeting.This year, the meeting organizing
  • 28 Dezembro, 2016 - 15:37

    Projetos de Pesquisa em Andamento mestrado odontologia

    Research Group in PeriodonticsClinical and Microbiological Evaluations of Different Antimicrobials on the Treatment of Periodontal Disease.Clinical, Microbiological, and Immunological Character of People in the Brazilian Population with Aggressive and Chronic
  • 28 Dezembro, 2016 - 15:31

    Grupos de pesquisa mestrado odontologia

    Research Group in PeriodonticsThe organizer of this research group, Professor Magda Feres, completed her doctoral studies when enrolled in the Oral Biology Program at Harvard School of Dental Medicine (1996-1999). During her PhD program, she developed a project at the
  • 28 Dezembro, 2016 - 15:25

    Linhas de pesquisa mestrado odontologia

    Research Areas
  • 28 Dezembro, 2016 - 15:15

    Cooperações científicas mestrado odontologia

    The Program currently holds research collaboration with 13 universities/research centers worldwide:  Forsyth Institute (USA), Univerita Degli Studi of Chieti (Chieti, Italy), Universita Degli Studi Insubria  (Varese, Italy),   University of Florida (USA), Bergen University
  • 28 Dezembro, 2016 - 15:02

    Auxílios Recebidos Mestrado Odontologia

    Financial support has been provided for Professors in the Graduate Program in Dentistry by research promotion agencies as indicated:FAPESP research supportProfa. Dra. Magda Fereshttp:/
  • 28 Dezembro, 2016 - 11:12

    Enfermagem - Linhas de Pesquisa

  • 28 Dezembro, 2016 - 11:05

    Enfermagem - Corpo docente

    Course CoordinatorProfa. Dra. Ana Claudia Giesbrecht Puggina Thematic area