Courses Doctorate in Nursing

Teacher Team

Course Coordinator



Profa. Dra. Ana Claudia Giesbrecht Puggina

Thematic area: Communication and Consciousness Disorders.



Teachers Profa. Dra. Ana Llonch Sabatés
Thematic area: The Therapeutic Toy in the Care of the Healthy and Hospitalized Child; Child Health Care; Growth and Child Development.
 Prof. Dr. Alfredo Almeida Pina de Oliveira

Thematic area: Education and Health Promotion; Educational Training and Technologies; Knowledge translation and diffusion of innovations and Health counseling. Prof. Dr. André Oliveira Paggiaro
Thematic area: Tissue transplantation; Cell culture; Clinical and Experimental Research in Chronic Wounds and Burns; Clinical Cosmiatry. Profa. Dra. Fernanda Amendola
Thematic area: Collective Health; Family Health Strategy; Aging and People with Disabilities and Addiction.
 Profa. Dra. Josiane Lima de Gusmão
Thematic Area: Hypertension / Treatment Adhesion. Prof. Dr. Josue de Moraes
Thematic Area: Neglected Diseases; Parasitic diseases; Pharmaceutical Development and Health Surveillance. Profa. Dra. Maíra Rosa Apostólico
Thematic area: CIPESC; Classification Systems; Collective Health; Child Health and Violence against Children. Profa. Dra. Rosa Áurea Quintella Fernandes
Thematic area: Women's Health; Systematization of nursing care. Profa. Dra. Viviane Fernandes de Carvalho
Thematic area: Clinical and Experimental Research on Complex Wounds; Study of Diabetic Neuropathy (Cutaneous Sensitivity); Stomias and Clinical Cosmiatry.