Courses Master in Nursing

Offered Subjects




Elaboration and Methodological Design of Quantitative and Qualitative Studies;
Theoretical Foundations of the Science of Caring.



Attention to Chronic Diseases in Current Epidemiological and Demographic Profile;

Bases of Collective Health and Interface with Public Policies;

Construction, Adaptation and Validation of Measurement Instruments;

Challenges of care in Women's Health;

Statistics Applied to Health Sciences;

New Proposals for Wound Prevention and Management;

Research workshop;

Educational Processes;

Mental health;

Research Seminars;

Health Care Technologies in Children;

Advanced Topics in Interpersonal Communication in Health;

Master’s course completion

Thirty-two (32) discipline credits will be needed to complement the Master’s course, respecting compulsory and optional subjects (480 hours).
Qualifying Examination – 10 credits (150 hours).
oral examination (thesis defense) – 60 credits (900 hours).
Total course hours – 102 credits (1530 hours).