Courses Master's Degree in Geoenvironmental Analysis


The Academic Masters in Geoenvironmental Analysis (MAG) University (UNG), recommended by CAPES/MEC (362/2004 CRAFT/ctc/capes), is one of the first master's degree programs in Geosciences created in private education institution in the country. Represents the consolidation of an academic-scientific project started in years 80, in the laboratory of Geosciences of the institution, which led, at the end of the Decade of 90, the implementation of an MBA course in Environmental Management and another in environmental education.

The Organization and the development of disciplines of that master’s degree are characterized by the constructivist vision of knowledge of the environment, represented by concepts always updated and in constant development.

The program aims, in addition to the training of qualified professionals for teaching and studies of the environment, stimulate evidence-based research on the relationship between geological components and other aspects of the physical environment and the biotic environment, as well as assess the impacts caused by human action and/or by natural dynamics. Visa, yet, from this holistic view, such professionals are trained to disseminate their research in their professional activities, educational as well as to propose new strategies to work in their area of expertise. The researcher will fit the development of integrated analysis and resolutions of environmental problems.

General Information

To achieve the title of master, the student must obtain, over 24 months, a total of 100 credits, distributed as follows:

Disciplines (75 h/lesson) - 30 credits (each subject is worth 5 credits);
Qualifying exam - 10 credits;
Master thesis - 60 credits;

Location:  Campus Guarulhos-Center

Further information may be obtained:

Department of graduate studies – master’s degree in Geoenvironmental Analysis (MAG).
Address: Praça Teresa Cristina, 229-Centro-Guarulhos/SP.
Phone: (11) 2464-1157