Courses Doctorate in Nursing


The Guarulhos University (UNG) Nursing Doctorate prepares health professionals to become researchers. The program has as reference the individual health caring process, family and community. Ung Nursing Doctorate is the only course offered in a particular university.


General objective

The main objective is train researchers for full exercise of scientific research, prepare to functions of adviser, scientific evaluator and teacher, committed to the production of advanced knowledge and be able to analyze critically the scientific evidence.


Specific objectives

- Develop independent researchers, capable of development research projects and with capacity to raise financial resources by governmental and private agencies;

- Promote mastery of the theoretical, ethical and aesthetic bases for development, interpretation and operationalization of concepts, theories and assistance and technological models, aiming at their use in the health system;

- Train human resources with criticism and capacity to seek the evidences of the assistance processes, as well as with preparation to carry out investigations that contribute to characterize and to deepen the scientific knowledge of the area, at national and international levels;

- Develop critical reflexive capacity for educational processes and competence to train new professionals.