Courses Doctorate in Nursing

Research area

Innovations to care in different phases of life cycle

It includes studies for production and application of new technologies, aiming the evidence construction for the promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of human health in life cycle.


Advances in Nursing and Health: developing tools and processes
It includes studies that aim to develop instruments, new technologies and processes that enable the advancement of knowledge in the health sciences related to individual and collective care, human communication and educational processes.


Research Groups


The research groups constitute the structural basis of the Program and contribute to support research projects. Four research groups are registered in CNPq Research Group Directory; and eleven others, are partnerships with other institutions:


Nursing Care: adult, elderly and worker health

It is a technical-scientific support of knowledge in Nursing and Health, integrating the interdisciplinary work in philosophical conception of the caring process. It centered in the relations established with the subject and seeks the understanding of the human being in his group dimensions, in a political vision of confrontation, creation and construction of a social commitment aimed at influencing globalizing forces that contribute to adult health education, the elderly and the worker.


Nursing Care in Women's and Children's Health

The objective is develop studies to contribute for knowledge construction to supports a comprehensive health care practice for women and children. The focus is on health promotion and identification of potential risks in maternal and child health. Women's health studies focus on violence, breastfeeding and life quality. In child area, studies include monitoring children´s growth and development in health-disease process. Child development studies are based on the Denver II application. The results based on actions developed by group leaders and associated researchers in their practice areas that encompass teaching and assistance. The studies also involve the application of tools such as scales and the therapeutic toy.


Study and Research on Communication Health

The Health Communication knowledge has been used as basic bibliography of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Nursing, Psychology, Medicine and, as a complement in other areas. The therapeutic communication scientific production and general conceptualizations has been adopted as reference for dissertations and doctoral theses in Brazil, Latin America and Portugal. The dissemination and publication of scientific production carried out in periodicals, books, book chapters and annals of general and specific events, as well as oral presentations, lectures, national and international courses and publications. It should note that the knowledge produced has contributed to the humanitarian care, to qualification of the interpersonal relationship with the patient, to the effectiveness of the teacher / student relationship and to the use of decoded communication health education for the lay population.


Denver II Study Group

The multidisciplinary researchers group who train new researchers has the goal of providing an evaluation tool for health professionals, especially the children development from 0 to 6 years. The Denver II developmental test was used in Brazil by several health professionals (nurses, speech therapists and physicians), especially Pediatrics. The Denver II scientific production focused on Brazilian children, portrays expressive diversity in its application. In some studies, authors report difficulties in comparing results among national publications. There is also a diversity regarding the translation that has not yet been validated for application in the Brazilian child. In its origin, this instrument is presented in the English language and is structured for American culture. Therefore, in addition to the translation, transcultural adaptation will be necessary for its validation and application in the Brazilian child. In this sense, this group performs the translation, cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Denver II development test, not only for our pioneering use of it, but for having the license and the rights granted by the author.


Research Groups in partnership with other Institutions:

The Problem of Hypertension control;

Health Needs Assessment;

Plastic surgery;

Toy Study Group

Arterial Hypertension´s laboratory;

Workshop on Sphygmomanometry.