News PhD Program in Dentistry

Professors and students of the MSc and PhD program of dentistry working in the social project "Happy Toothbrush"


On November, 16, 2016, oral hygiene instruction was carried out with 120 students from the 6th grade (about 11 years old) from Roberto Alves de Sousa State School, Guarulhos, SP, Brazil. For this activity, the company Colgate collaborated with brushing kits "Dr. Dentuço ", which were donated to the students participating in the activity. This activity was attended by Profs. Drs. Bruno and Marina, the graduate students in Dentistry, Belén Stephanie Retamal Valdés and Juliana Andrade Oliveira Queiroz and also the undergraduate students in Dentistry Elisangela Katia Faustino, Jennifer Toledo Damaceno and Nathália de Freitas Figueiredo.