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Professors from Guarulhos University organized and attended the first LAOHA workshop

Professors Magda Feres, Luciene Figueiredo, Marcelo de Faveri and Jamil Shibli from Post-Graduate  Program in Dentistry at UNG University attended the first LAOHA (Latin America Oral Health Association) workshop held from May 11 to 12th, 2017 in Piscataway/ New Jersey (USA).

The idea of LAOHA arose a few years ago, when we noticed the shortage of doctorate courses in several Latin American countries, as well as in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil. Therefore, in association with researchers and executives from Colgate Technology Center (USA), especially Mr. Bernal Stewart and Dr. William Devizio (Colgate, USA), we conceived a project aimed at receiving students from Latin American countries/ regions for the PhD programs in Dentistry offered by Guarulhos University and USP/SP. Our primary goal was to qualify these students towards the multiplication of the knowledge acquired here to their home countries/ cities and, consequently, to contribute to dental research development.

We are certain that this is a unique initiative that will bring benefits to all the students involved in it, and that it might represent the beginning of a larger project of expanding high-quality clinical research and evidence-based clinical practice throughout Latin America. For us, this project represents a significant achievement that will contribute the SOUTH-SOUTH partnerships, which has been strongly stimulated by the area of Dentistry of CAPES.

More information about LAOHA can be found through the website