News PhD Program in Dentistry

Professors of the MSc and PhD program of UNG University participate in the social project "Tarde do Saber"

Professors of the MSc of Dentistry program as well as of the MSc of Orthodontics participated during the second semester of 2016 in the social project "Afternoon Learning" which aim to improve the knowledge of teachers of the public system of teaching on different issues. On September 22, 2016, Profa. Dr. Marina Guimarães Roscoe presented a lecture regarding "Dental trauma: what to do?" at the Santa Cecília State School School, Guarulhos, SP, Brazil. This lecture was attended by 15 teachers from the state school. The next activity of the “Tarde do Saber” project was two classes, during October, 2016  at the Roberto Alves de Sousa State School, Guarulhos, SP, Brazil. One class was given to teachers that work in the morning and another with teachers from afternoon period. The title of the lecture, taught by Prof. Dr. Bruno da Silva Bueno, was "Natural products in Dentistry: studies with propolis and curcumin".