Courses Master's Degree in Geoenvironmental Analysis

Research Areas

Geoenvironmental Applied Analysis
Development and application of methods and analyses focused on the study of natural systems, with the objective of providing important subsidies to territorial and urban planning, public policies, programs for recovery of degraded areas and to environmental preservation, under the auspices of sustainable development. In addition to these aspects, this line of research includes the analysis of the recent developments of the Earth System.

This research line has as its focal point the vision of man as agent transformer of the landscape. The analyses carried out under this optics, systemic and holistic character, a reference to the transformations that have occurred in modern times. The understanding of its dynamics, and its principles, require new methods of approach related to the anthropic processes, also called technogenic.

Indicators of Environmental Changes
Development of qualitative and quantitative analyses of biological and geological indicators that allow the inference of natural or anthropogenic changes in ecosystems. From the integrated analysis of these parameters, produce some vegetation changes, climatic and environmental.