Courses Professional Master’s Program in Orthodontics


Required Disciplines


Biomaterials Applied in Orthodontics

Biomechanics of Orthodontic Movement I

Biomechanics of Orthodontic Movement II

Orthodontic Clinic I

Orthodontic Clinic II

Orthodontic Clinic III

Orthodontic Clinic IV

Determinants of the Interrelationship Between Orthodontics and Other Dental Fields

Diagnosis and Orthodontic Treatment Planning


Teaching Internship

Methods of Scientific Investigation and Research Ethics

Professional Guidance: Business Management and Public and Private Health Activities

Seminars: Evidence-based Dentistry

Preventive, Interceptive, and Corrective Orthodontic Therapy

Current Topics in Orthodontic Techniques

Optional Disciplines

Advanced Data Analysis

Distance Learning

Physical and Mechanical Tests in Dentistry

Esthetics in Orthodontics

Basics of Clinical Orthodontic Research

Microbiology as Applied to Orthodontics