Courses Professional Master’s Program in Orthodontics

Further information

Professional Master’s programs focus on developing versatile professionals by offering training in human resources that cover academic and research areas, while also providing tools that facilitate the transfer of these skills for the benefit of the society, as well as to meet specific demands of local and national concerns. This program includes a considerable practical workload, as well as the treatment of orthodontic patients. Theoretical subjects are also offered, and students participate in scientific seminars and debates. Students’ abilities to complete critical scientific readings are developed with the goal of applying available knowledge to the resolution of clinical issues.

An advantage of our program is that it offers students an internship opportunity at other educational institutions, including those abroad, as part of their research. Currently, we have international agreements established with the Forsyth Institute, a renowned research center linked to Harvard University (USA), University of Florida (USA), National University of Tucumán (Argentina), National University of Cuyo (Argentina), University of Michigan (USA), University of Alberta (Canada), and University of Aarhus (Denmark).