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Prof. Marina Roscoe – DDS, MSc, PhD.

Prof. Marina Roscoe – DDS, MSc, PhD

Education and professional activities

Dr. Roscoe is an Orthodontist graduated from the Federal University of Uberlândia (UFU). She has a Master degree in Dentistry (UFU) and PhD in Biomaterials and Oral Biology from the University of São Paulo (USP / SP). Part of her PhD (12 months) was developed abroad at the Section of Orthodontics of Aarhus University (Denmark). She currently works as an Assistant Professor at Guarulhos University, working at the Departments of Orthodontics and Restorative Dentistry.

Research Interests

Her main research field is Biomechanics applied to Dentistry, with emphasis on computational simulations using the finite element method and in vitro studies. Other areas of interest include: tooth movement, orthodontically induced inflammatory root resorption, dental biomaterials and evidence-based dentistry, focusing on performing systematic reviews.

Additional information

Dr. Roscoe is Associate Editor of Revista Saúde(Brazil) and reviewer of relevant journals, such as the International Dental Journal, BMC Oral Health, and Bioscience Journal.


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Book Chapters

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